Don't let gas and repairs exhaust your funds

If your Ohio business has a
inventory of work trucks, you know that they can create a variety of significant expenses. Insurance premiums and costly repairs may put a major dent in the company's bank account. Fortunately, you can quickly reduce these costs by adopting more economical practices.

Achieving Fuel Savings

1. Urge staff members to drive vehicles in an efficient way. This holds great importance because poor habits boost fuel needs by up to one-third. Warn employees not to exceed 60 mph, use air conditioners wastefully or engage in unnecessary idling. It's also wise to brake and accelerate gradually.

2. Consider using governors to limit driving speeds. Many inventories have begun to install this equipment in both heavy and compact trucks. A governor cuts costs by reducing fuel consumption. It also prevents collisions that result in expensive repairs, work disruptions and high insurance rates.

3. Encourage drivers to find gas stations with low prices. Some people use specialized cellphone software to accomplish this. The GasBuddy and Gas Guru programs make it easy to check prices at nearby pumps. Be careful not to promote distracted driving; tell employees to use these apps while stationary.

4. Think about establishing a fuel management program. This strategy usually cuts vehicle operating expenses by 15 percent or more, according to 
Business Fleet. Drivers use special cards when they purchase fuel. The system produces detailed data, allowing you to monitor each truck's consumption level.

Be Proactive About Maintenance

5. Remember to check the odometers on work trucks. Tell drivers that you regularly perform mileage audits, and ensure that they know about rules against personal use. This will discourage employees from raising maintenance costs by driving excessive distances.

6. If you oversee a stock of at least 50 autos, your company may benefit from operating its own repair shop. Otherwise, it's usually more cost-effective to pay a well-equipped service center for maintenance. Consider signing a service agreement with a dealership that sells Ram trucks.

Replacing Inefficient Equipment

7. When you purchase or lease vehicles, think about switching to lighter autos with smaller engines. A four-cylinder unit with a turbocharger often delivers just as much power as a V-6 engine, but it burns less fuel. Continuously variable transmissions and aluminum components help conserve energy as well. Be sure to negotiate with dealers to obtain the best prices available.

8. If your business can't afford to pay for autos in full, consider leasing them. Many small firms benefit from the predictable monthly costs and low initial expenses of leased vehicles. Ownership also offers valuable benefits. Companies have more freedom to customize their work trucks, and they can deduct depreciation from taxable income.

Finally, think about buying newer vehicles. The latest Ram trucks offer more fuel-efficient engines and greater reliability. Our Pataskala, Ohio dealership remains open throughout the week and features a wide range of new and used trucks. We also provide economical service agreements for commercial autos. To learn more, please 
browse the Liberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram inventory.