Altering your driving behavior and keeping your car in good condition can help you improve fuel efficiency.

If your wallet feels bruised each time you go to the gas station, you might be looking for some ways to get more out of each tank of gas. Improving your car's fuel efficiency can help you spend less on gas and reduce your car's impact on the environment. Fortunately, many ways to improve fuel efficiency don't require spending large amounts of money; simply changing your driving behavior and performing regular maintenance can make a big difference.

De-clutter Your Car

If your car is carrying extra weight, your fuel efficiency will suffer. Don't use your car as an extra place to store items; leave your sporting equipment, gardening equipment, and sand bags at home if you don't need them everywhere you go. If you have a trailer or cargo carrier for your car, only keep it hooked up when you need to use it.

Avoid Using the Air Conditioner

During the sweltering heat of summer, foregoing the air conditioner is probably not an option. On a mild summer day, however, you can open your windows instead of pumping up the air conditioner. Keeping your air conditioner in good shape can also make a difference on the days when you must use it. Taking your car into the shop for regular vehicle inspections can ensure that your car has enough refrigerant and that each component is working correctly.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

If your tires aren't fully inflated, your car will have to work harder to keep them moving. Underinflated tires also suffer damage more readily, forcing you to replace them more quickly. You can find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle by looking at your owner's manual; you can also usually find this information on a sticker located in the door jamb of the driver's side. Head to the nearest gas station to inflate your tires to the proper levels.

Change Your Driving Behavior

Your style of driving can impact the fuel efficiency of your car. For example, if you tend to drive aggressively and frequently stomp on the gas pedal, you're forcing your car's engine to work harder. Make a habit of accelerating and braking slowly, and engaging cruise control when possible. Frequent errand trips with detours along the way can also impact your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Plan trips ahead of time to group errands together and avoid wasting fuel. Even if your errands are short, don't leave your engine on while you dash inside to shop.

If you're still not satisfied with your car's fuel economy, come visit our showroom at Liberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Our helpful and friendly sales staff will help you find the perfect vehicle that will give you the fuel economy and utility that you need.


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